Tam Beauty Order!

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Now makeup deliveries are amazing and it feels like Christmas each time one arrives. BUT- being on holiday and coming home to a sack full of goodies is even more exciting. 

I placed an order on www.tambeauty.com before I went on holiday. Tam Beauty are a company who own many different makeup brands, skincare and much more. They stock one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITE affordable brands: Makeup Revolution. I swear by Makeup Revolutions' products, they are pigmented, blendable, comfortable to wear and have such an amazing range of products you would be crazy if you did not give them a go! I mean COME ON where else can you find a highly pigmented eyeshadow palette for £4. 

I decided to branch out from my Makeup Revolution safe zone and try a few other things that they had on offer. I have seen so many YouTube videos about Freedom products so I had no reason not to stock up on them. I spend an overall £33.50 on 8 items, EIGHT ITEMS! Where on earth can you get that many products for such little money = TAM BEAUTY COMING THROUGH. To pop the cherry on top of my excited, obsessed self I received a free, yes you heard right FREE mystery bag with an additional NINE ITEMS, ARE YOU FREAKY SERIOUS!! It was seriously like Christmas had come early in one package. 

I picked up the following items:
- Makeup Revolution Lip Power in Its my life. £1.00
- Freedom Bronzed Professional Pro Bonze. £1.50
- Freedom Pro 32 eyeshadow palette in Innocent Collection. £4.00
- Freedom Duo Eyebrow Powder in Soft Brown. £2.00
- Freedom Pro HD Conceal Kit in Medium/Dark. £5.00
- Freedom Pro Lipstick Palette in Naked. £5.00
- Freedom Pro Artist HD Pro Refill Highlight in 01. £3.00
- Freedom HD Highlight & Contour Set with brush. £5.00
- Makeup Obsession Eyeshadow in E109 Champagne. £2.00
- Makeup Revolution Illuminating Fixing Spray. £5.00
- Mystery Gift Bag. £0

I can not wait to play around with all these goodies and I will definitely be ordering from Tam Beauty again HANDS DOWN!.

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