Well hello again....... I'm back!
It is that time of year for everything scary and spooky but why not have fun with it.
Now I love everything makeup and beauty wise and when it comes to Halloween my mind goes crazy with all the different looks I could create. From pretty looks to gross rotting faces I am all about it.

This year for Halloween I created four looks on myself, two being more pretty and non-scary and the other two being very gory and gross.

I also had the pleasure of doing a Halloween look on a friends boyfriend which was amazing. I have practised all of my makeup and Halloween looks on myself so being able to try them on other people is amazing.

So to find out what they look like continue reading!

1. Glitter Skull
So the glitter skull was my first attempt at a Halloween makeup look. Seeing loads of different skull tutorials over the internet I decided to take inspiration from them and add the twist of the glitter. Creating the skull outline was pretty easy with a black eyeliner. Once you have outlined the base of the skull you can then go in and build up the shading to give the look more depth. When I finished all the shading and was happy with how it looked, I moved on with the glitter. I used the Ten10cosmetics glitter in silver and rose gold. These glitters already come pre-mixed but I still used some glitter glue to hold it in place. I was really happy with how this turned out and for my first attempt I feel like I did well. 

2. Rotting Face
Now this Halloween look I have to say was one of my favourites. Who knew some liquid latex and tissue could look so gross. Again like the skull look, this surprisingly was easy to create and only took me about 30 minutes to do the rotting part of my face. I started off with a layer of my lightest foundation/concealer/powder. I then went in with my liquid latex and build up some layers of latex and tissue over the lower portion of my face. For the last layer I use cotton wool ripped apart to give the effect of lumpy, bumpy disgusting skin. Once I gave it a blast with my hairdryer I went over with a mix of red and dark brown face paint to give it some depth and colour. With the help of black, purple and red eyeshadows I was able to build it up to look rotten. Finally I went over with some fake blood and used the same eye shadows around my eyes and BAMMMMMM one rotting face. 
3. Pretty Mermaid
When gross and gory Halloween makeup isn't your thing, then look no further. Who knew you could get this pretty mermaid look using a pair of fishnet tights. So lets begin, take a pair of fishnet tights preferable ones that are around a medium size when stretched and not big holes as you will not get the same effect. Using a selection of eyeshadows depending on the colour you wish your mermaid to be, blend these over the fishnets tights around the edges of your face. Start with the darkest colour closest to the hair line and get lighter as you work your way in. Do the same around your cheek bone area, use the dark shade as if you are contouring and then the lighter colours near the top of cheek bones. I finished the look off with using the shades on my eyes and smoking it out with a pop of gold glitter on the lid. Add some face gems and hell load of highlighter and you are all set. 
4. Zip Close Mouth
My favourite Halloween look out of the four I have created this year. We all know that Chloe likes to talk a lot so what is one way of getting her to shut up??!! Zip her mouth together. Like the rotting face I used a combination of liquid latex, tissue and cotton wool. Once all built up and again given it a blast with the hairdryer you are ready to cut open the middle where your mouth is...... now be careful I did nearly cut my mouth with the scissors. When cut open cut away some of the edges to give room to fit the zip in between. Stick this down with a small amount of liquid latex and you are ready to add some colour to give it some effect and depth. Using red, black and dark brown/purple face paint cover the area using stippling motions, hollow out your eyes with some dark eyeshadows and add some fake blood and your all set and ready to go. 

5. Rotting Zombie
 I had the pleasure to do a Halloween makeup look on  one of my friends boyfriends. He was after a zombie/walking dead look to be a dead tennis player, classic I know! I started out by using white face paint and covering from the nose up to the forehead area. Using the liquid latex I built up layers of tissue and graze one layer at a time. Once I was happy with the amount I had placed down I gave it time to dry and went on to make the skin look more dead and zombie looking. I started with the dark brown/purple around the edges of the face, then moved on to a mix of red and black and stippled this on using a sponge. A mix of black/purple/red eyeshadows were used around the eyes to hollow them out and make them look a lot less alive. Once the layer of latex and tissue had dried I went with the same paint colours I used on the face to deepen the look of the moth area. I then went on to pull part of the tissue an latex mix apart to give the effect of flesh falling/hanging of the face. Using black face paint to deepen behind all the rips and bumps to try and make it more 3D. When we were both happy with how it was looking we added a hell load of fake blood to make it more effective of a walking dead zombie Halloween look.

I hope you all have a fantastic Halloween.




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