Beauty Bay Haul May 2020

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My self control when it comes to makeup is very small and being in lock down has had me browsing through multiple websites everyday. I try and tell myself every time I place a beauty order, that it will 'replace products that are runny out' or 'I've wanted to try it for ages'. When in reality I don't need more makeup, I want more makeup.

This time it was Beauty Bay who saw me coming. My haul isn't the largest you'll see and maybe not the smallest. In total I purchased 10 different items from a range of brands, focusing on a variety of areas of makeup.

My haul included:
  • The Ordinary Coverage Foundation - £5.95 in the shade 1.1N. I already have the serum foundation from The Ordinary which I love for 'no makeup days/light coverage' but I wanted to try something with a bit more power to it. The shade range is fab and they meet a lot of different skin tones. For example my shade 1.1N is classed as Fair Neutral. I cannot wait to try this and for the price who could say no.
  • Revolution Pro CC Perfecting Foundation - £10.00 in the shade 6.5. Makeup Revolution has always been a fond favourite beauty brand of mine. The quality of their products is amazing plus their pricing is very reasonable. Over the last year they started bringing out a Pro range. This included products with more of a luxury feel to them. This CC foundation states it has full coverage, moisture rich CC foundation with hyaluronic acid, collagen and antioxidants with SPF 30. With these added skin benefits plus a good high SPF I'm beyond excited to get this on my face. 
  • L.A. Girl Pro Concealer - £4.95 in the shade beautiful bronze. I have seen so many YouTubers/Instragramers/Bloggers rave about this concealer. I have used this formula before in their regular concealer shades but wanted to try beautiful bronze for cream contour. I don't normally use a cream contour, as products I have tried before always end up looking muddy and patchy. This could be the product or my application. This product has a brush applicator making it very easy to apply to the face to really chisel your face. I'm hoping this does me right and ends up looking fab. 
  • Revolution Pro Blush And Lift Liquid Blush - £8.00 in the shade harmony. Another cream product purchase, can anyone see a theme here (cream products are the way forward). This peachy pink blush can be used both on your cheeks and lips. The formula is very pigmented but has the right amount of liquid to it, to allow it to blend seamlessly into your skin. I tried this today for the first time and it gave my cheeks a wonderful youthful peachy glow, making me look more alive and fresh faced. 
  • Makeup Revolution Brow Tint - £4.95 in the shade medium brown. Brows Brows Brows will always be my least favourite feature. I know a good defined brow can make or break a look and when my brows wish to behave they look brill! But we all have that struggle where we want them to be identical. It has taken me some time to not stress over them too much as they are sisters and will look slightly different from each other. This tint product I have used for around a year now and have recently noticed the colour was not the best on me so I have opted to try their medium brown shade. This give your brows a really good tint and lasts for a good 3-5 days depending on the types of skincare products you use on your face and if your going to scrub over them every morning and evening. 
  • Wet N Wild Megalast Lip Color - £2.95 in the shade never nude. Who doesn't love a nude lipstick. The need for a good nude lipstick to suit your skin tone and flatter you, has become a massive trend over the last year. Pale nudes have also become more popular especially for placing in the middle of your lips to make them look more full. This shade works both in the middle of your lips but also paired with a darker lip liner. 
  • L.A. Girl Eyeliner Pencil - £2.50 in the shade brown. I am always after a good brown eyeliner pencil. They are perfect for lining your waterlines but also to create a soft wing liner. Brown is a perfect shade for me as it really enhances my green eyes and I find black eyeliner to be too harsh on my pale complexion. This product is very affordable and applies to the eyes very nicely. 
  • Wet N Wild Proline Felt Tip Eyeliner - £3.95 in the shade brown. Another brown eyeliner product. This time a felt tip liner, perfect for those wing linger moments. Being brown this will give your eyes a more softer look while still having that cat eyed effect. 
  • Makeup Revolution Fast Brow Pomade - £6.00 in the shade medium brown. I love a brow pomade and when I saw this product the word FAST caught my eye. Brows take me a good 5+ minutes to do if I want them to look put together and somewhat similar. This product has a bristle brush tip which you use to brush through your brows while dispensing out the product. I'm hoping this product gives me brows more of a fluffier look that you cannot always get when using a pomade. 
  • Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette - £4.95 in the shade hot spice. Another Makeup Revolution product, can you tell I'm a lover of their products. This palette contains 8 different blush shades ranging from matte to shimmer and also baked/glitter formulas. When it comes to blush I can sometimes never decide which colour suits my makeup look the best. This palette is perfect for these situations as it has a variety of peachy/pink tones which can be used on their own or mixed together to create your own custom shades. 
Below is pictures of the products and the packaging they come in for reference. 

I'm sure this won't be my last makeup haul post as I really cannot help myself. All products are linked above if you fancy treating yourself to any.

Hope you enjoyed your read.

Until next time,



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