About Chloe

Hello Chloe here,

I'm a twenty-something year old teacher living in Kent. I became a teacher way back in 2014 and love my job. Beauty and fashion have always been a strong interest of mine from a very young age, throwback to blue eye shadow and dream matte mouse!

Even in the career I am, being presentable is key to me, whether that be a full glam make up look or smart dress wear. When I'm not teaching I love experimenting with different beauty products from make up to skincare and hair care. Make up is a big passion of mine as even when your feeling low and down, putting on a face of make up or trying out new products will always brighten your mood.

With the beauty and fashion industries ever expanding, the products are not cheap. I am a great lover of high quality items but everyone loves a bargain. Affordable beauty and fashion have always been appealing to me and is my first point of call when discovering new products, especially if I can find a 'dupe' of a higher priced item.

On this blog you will find regular posts detailing beauty and fashion hauls, reviews and general chit chat as it is always good to have somewhere you can offload what your thinking and feeling. 

You can also find me over on Instagram: chloeconway1991 where I upload all sorts and beautybychloe91 for more beauty focused content. 

For any enquirers, please email chloeconway91@hotmail.co.uk

Thanks again, I hope you enjoy visit!

With love,

Chloe x​


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